Knowing Your Baby Language

In infancy, humans first learn or introduced to a new environment, compared to the time in the womb. During the first 3 days, normal babies still sleep more. About 80% of the time is spent sleeping. After 2 weeks the baby begins to be able to perform various activities without the help of others, ranging from turning, sitting, crawling and so on, by the age of 7-8 months, the baby’s feelings or emotions begin to show up, even though his ratio or mind has not functioned at all 12-14 months, babies begin to recognize the environment, both physical and social environment. Gradually, babies begin to understand the relationship between words with what or who is around them. And for that, babies begin to need an expression tool called “language”. Beginning this period the baby began to learn to know the language from the surroundings. Language acquisition in infants is very gradual, divided into several parts. Besides understanding your baby’s language you should also understand how to massage baby.

Factors Affecting Language Development:

    The Process of Gaining Knowledge, the high level of individual ability has an effect on the slow progress of language

    The pattern of communication in the family, the pattern of communication of many directions accelerate the development of language

    The number of children or the number of families, communication varies in families with many family members and the development of the language of the child faster than the only child

    The position of the birth order, the order of birth in the middle will be faster language development in comparison with the eldest son and youngest child. The eldest son has the direction of communication down, while the youngest child has a direction of communication upward only. While the middle order child has 2 way communication

    Use of more than one language, Children raised in families using more than one or better language and faster language development than those using only one language because children are accustomed to varying languages

Baby languages:

Infants aged 0-3 months around the world, proved to have the same baby language. The language was discovered accidentally by Priscilla Dunstan. This woman since the toddler already has the ability to remember the sound, or sound photograph. When Priscilla had a baby, she realized that the baby was also trying to communicate with her mother. Finally the baby’s language can be identified after a thousand babies are researched. The results found, there are five words known by the baby language to communicate with adults. Instead, parents hear the words the baby says before she cries hysterically because she does not want what she asks for.

Tips for parents to understand baby language:

    Listen to the phases before the baby cries

    Acting on the dominant word

    Listen to the specific sounds of each word

    Do not panic if your baby does not say all the words

    Change the baby’s position so you can hear clearly the words spoken by the baby

    Look for and notice the accompanying reflexes