Characteristics of Healthy Baby at Three Months

Nothing is the happiest of mothers, besides seeing the beloved baby grow and develop into a healthy and smart child. Every period of the child’s growth and development there are signs and characteristics. Especially in infants at the age of the first year, surely the mother will pay more attention to growing the baby thoroughly. Age 3 months, 6 months, 12 months there are signs of development that need to be considered. What are the signs of a baby’s development at 3 months of age following his explanation:

Lifting Head

In the third month of the baby’s age, you may lift your head in a state of lying down and hold it for a few minutes. If held to a sitting position, he may be able to straighten his head straight. When he is in his stomach position, you will see your baby begin to lift his head with an angle of more than 45 ° and rest on his hand. You can stimulate the growth of the collar bones in this prone position. The trick, stand in front of him and swing the toy so he tilts his head.

Coordination of Legs and Hands

Do not be surprised with the development of infants at 3 months of age who can start waving and even kicking his legs kicking strong. Baby kick becomes stronger because the thigh and knee joints more flexible. And if you try to raise the baby with the feet to the floor, he will refuse his body down to the floor with his feet. Besides the little guy also began to close his hands and open his fingers. When you hang something on it he will use a clasped hand to nibble at the object. The baby will also love to play with his hands, he will put his hand to his mouth to recognize his body’s function.

Knowing Mother and Father

In the development of infants at the age of 3 months, sometimes even earlier, your baby has a special relationship with the person closest. The baby begins to recognize both the face of his mother and father. The baby still likes to smile to strangers, especially people who look and talk intimately with him. Nevertheless, the baby is able to distinguish the most favored among all, of course, the nearest person. At the age of 3 months, the part of the brain called the pariental lobes, began to coordinate the hands and recognize the object. While in the temporal lobes, babies begin to hear the language, recognize smells, are also more responsive and active. Therefore, when the baby hears the voice of the mother, she will look at the face of the mother with a cheerful and try to interact with mother. And how to massage baby to stimulate baby’s growth, you must massage slowly your baby everyday.

Sleeping time

Mother’s father who was unable to sleep because the baby who often woke up at night, may feel relieved when the child entered the age of 3 months. By that age, baby sleep patterns will be more stable and tend to last longer. Because the nervous system is more perfect and the stomach is able to receive more milk. It allows the baby to stay longer in his sleep for up to 7 hours at night, though once he will wake up when he needs something. When it does not happen to your baby who is awake at night, the mother should not worry, because the condition is still normal in infants in the first year.

Rarely Start Crying

Babies entering the age of 3 months will rarely cry. In a day, crying time of baby is not more than one hour, except in unhealthy condition. Babies will smile more often after interacting with people around him.

Start Often Ramble

Moments of happiness for the mother when she heard the baby has started babbling. Although just pronouncing some vowels like ‘oh’ and ‘ah’, but has become an indication of good development for the little guy.

Likes the Color and Talk Tinkling

At the age of three months the baby does start with his eyesight. He will be attracted by the bright colors and clattering sounds. This is also an opportunity for the mother to train the response of the child using brightly colored clashing toys. Babies will be trained in motor skills and spatial.

Sticking her tongue

Babies are also used to sticking out their tongues at the age of three months. Not even just sticking out the tongue, the baby will also play his saliva by forming a small bubble.